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Welcome to Valencia Shoe Repair, bringing expert shoe repair craftsmanship and family passion to our shoe repair trade. Your number one source for shoes, bags, and orthopedic repair. We're dedicated to giving you the best customer satisfaction with a commitment to fast, premium quality repairs.

Founded in 1974, Valencia Shoe Repair has come a long way from it's humble beginnings. It first started as a retail store primarily selling quality boots, Valencia Bootery. It was later renamed Valencia Shoe Repair in 1996 with a focus in shoe repair. Being family owned and operated, our craft has been perfected over generations and we've maintained the reputation of unequaled quality. We believe in 'repair' over 'replace'. There's rarely a pair of shoes or a bag that cannot be repaired or reconstructed to the customer's satisfaction. We go above and beyond to meeting expectations and we'll let you know our progress along the way.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing our service to the Santa Clarita Valley.

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